Scaling and support on GKE with Pandium – Stack Chat

In this episode of Stack Chat, Max Saltonstall talks with Cristina Flaschen – CEO of Pandium – about how Pandium is making it easier for companies to have their own in-app marketplace. Specifically, they discuss how Pandium is creating an app marketplace that enables a client’s customers to integrate and use industry-specific tools within their applications. They also talk about how Pandium uses Google Kubernetes Engine and Key Management Service (and many other tools) to make sure everything on their applications stays secure across all accounts and internal infrastructure.

Improving marketplace integration with Pandium →

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Managing GCP projects with Terraform →
Site Reliability Engineering →
Nomenclature →

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Product: GKE, Cloud Key Management Service (KMS); fullname: Max Saltonstall, Cristina Flaschen;

Duration: 00:06:19
Publisher: Google Cloud
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