Scaling data-driven insights across a complex global organization with Looker and BigQuery

SpringML and Iron Mountain share how migrating data to Google Cloud not only saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in licensing consolidation but allows stakeholders across a complex global organization to:

– Consolidate 1,200 data management applications into one data lake
– Unify information governance practices across disparate corporate verticals and departments
– Provide a single view of operational and customer data for enhanced decision making across 43 countries and 200 acquisitions
– Unlock the power of data science and predictive analytics

Standardizing across varying systems and processes onto one platform took just a matter of weeks for a project that could have taken about a year. SpringML and Iron Mountain share how this was done, lessons learned, and next steps for their collaboration adopting Looker and BigQuery into Iron Mountain.

Speakers: Jarrett Garcia, Harish Kuram

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product: BigQuery, Looker, Cloud Dataflow;

Duration: 00:16:35
Publisher: Google Cloud
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