Scaling Multiplayer Game Servers With GCP (Cloud Next '19)

Today’s breakout hit console and PC video games require massive fleets of game servers to reach a worldwide audience. Google Compute Engine provides the scalability, performance, and low latency required to meet the demanding requirements of game servers for today’s hit games. Based on experience performance-tuning multiplayer games at scale, Google has designed new instance types specifically for gaming workloads. This talk will focus on leveraging these new high-speed CPU types to power the most demanding physics-intensive game experiences. Combined with Google’s open-source gaming technology, these new instance types provide a foundation for scaling massive global multiplayer experiences. Real-world examples will be provided from customer / partner participation in the discussion.

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Speaker(s): Robert Martin

Session ID: CMP209
product:Compute Engine; fullname:Robert Martin;

Duration: 42:11
Publisher: Google Cloud
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