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Welcome back to Architecting with Google Cloud! In this video, Developer Advocate at Google, Kaslin Fields, interviews Jan Van Bruggen from itopia and discusses how itopia is innovating in the work-from-home digital space for developers. Itopia Spaces is a cloud-based developer environment that allows users to spin up custom development workspaces in any browser within seconds. Watch to learn about powerful containerized spaces and increased security and productivity for organizations with itopia Spaces deployed from the Google Cloud Marketplace.

0:00 – Intro
0:34 – What is itopia?
1:11 – Getting started with itopia
2:49 – Laptop-based development
5:00 – Cloud-based development
5:56 – The “It works on my machine” problem
7:18 – What is Selkies?
8:05 – itopia Spaces high level architecture
11:00 – Advice for running a service like Cloud Run on top of GKE
13:22 – How can people learn more?
13:41 – Wrap up

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