Scalr Announces Release of Scalr Cloud Cost Analytics

Scalr, provider of an open-source enterprise cloud management platform, has announced the release of Scalr Cost Analytics, which will enable a broad group of stakeholders within an enterprise to understand and analyze the costs associated with using cloud computing resources.

scalr-cloud-managementScalr’s cloud management platform enables enterprises of any size to provision and govern infrastructure across multiple clouds and is available as an on premise, cloud hosting based SaaS or open source solution. Scalr Cloud Analytics will now be included in Scalr Enterprise Edition. 

Scalr’s initial release of Cloud Analytics will provide tooling for financial managers, allowing them to set up their framework for logically dividing up cloud spend across business units. Later releases due throughout 2014 will include the cost management portal for IT managers and DevOps. 

Key features of Scalr Cloud Cost Analytics include:

  • Integrated with Scalr Cloud Management – Scalr Cost Analytics is a feature set of Scalr Cloud Management designed to help enterprises get insight into costs and usage associated with using public cloud hosting or private cloud platforms. Scalr Cost Analytics is included in Scalr Cloud Management Platform at no additional cost.
  • Governance – Scalr Cost Analytics delivers enterprise-grade role based access control so that information is viewed relative to user role and responsibilities.
  • Multi-Cloud Cost View – Scalr Cost Analytics achieves a holistic view of both usage and costs across public cloud hosting and private cloud environments. Multiple stakeholders in an organization can view costs by cloud, application, as well as business unit, and analyze use down to the individual instance in order to figure out the best course of action and budget.
  • Forecasting and Scenario Planning – Scalr Cost Analytics produces forecasting on both current usage as well as historical data. Decision makers can then analyze alternative use cases and evaluate costs based on different clouds, instances, regions, and more and gain consensus from cloud infrastructure stakeholders.
  • Cost Optimization – Scalr Cost Analytics, combined with Scalr’s other Cost Efficiency features such as Lease Management and Showback and Chargeback, will enable organizations to diagnose their cloud infrastructure and act upon opportunities to reduce waste and costs within the Scalr Cloud Management Platform. Enterprises can then also implement budget controls.

“While previously IT and finance were solely in control of an organization’s infrastructure spend, that process must now also include developers and engineers, who must use resources in a cost effective manner and be involved in the cost reduction process,” said Sebastian Stadil, CEO of Scalr. “Scalr Cost Analytics delivers tools that enable these disparate groups to work together to deliver a holistic view of cloud usage and costs and take a DevOps approach to their organization’s infrastructure.”

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