Scalr Introduces Multi-Cloud Management for VMware vSphere

Scalr, an enterprise-grade cloud management platform, has announced native support for VMware vSphere deployments. Scalr is a single pane of glass to manage resources, enforce policy, and control costs across public and private clouds such as AWS, Azure, Docker, Google, OpenStack, and now also VMware vSphere.

According to Scalr, today’s VMware administrator is faced with pressure to adopt public cloud to offer a self-service, API-centric experience to internal customers, but lacks the operational experience and tooling to perform the administrator’s mission across both VMware and other cloud platforms, like AWS. 

As a result, a VMware administrator’s options would be limited because:

  • VMware’s excellent suite of products and operational tools are simply not designed to support public cloud deployments effectively.
  • VMware vCloud has been deprecated.
  • VMware vRealize does not support public clouds as well as it does VMware products.
  • Leveraging VMware’s VIO implementation of Openstack is a possible approach for a VMware administrator but then requires deep knowledge of Openstack and still requires additional tools and expertise to incrementally add public cloud platforms.

scalr cloud managementScalr utilizes a hierarchical, top-down approach to policy enforcement that would empower administrators to find the balance between the needs of finance, security, IT and development teams. Workloads can then be re-deployed and migrated from public to private cloud and back, facilitating business objectives such as workload repatriation or outsourcing while benefitting from the unique advantages of each cloud service provider. 

Scalr now offers native support for VMware vCenter, with no intermediate appliances or API translators. Scalr connects directly to vCenter to discover, manage and provision resources, as well as to enforce policies around placement, access and finance.

Future iterations of Scalr VMware support would include:

  • SRM initiation and integration
  • Host resizing
  • Support for VM snapshots
  • vMotion support
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