Schneider Electric has announced the worldwide rollout of the Galaxy VL 200-500 kW (400V/480V) 3-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This one is the latest edition in the Galaxy family.

The compact UPS by Schneider Electric would offer “99% efficiency” in the ECOnversion mode for a complete return of investment within a span of two years (model dependent) for medium and large data centers, commercial and industrial facilities. A virtual live hands-on event for partners and data center professionals is scheduled to be held on May 4 to describe Galaxy VL’s features and properties from Schneider Electric’s Innovation Executive Briefing Center.

Compact UPS Design

Photo Schneider ELECTRIC - Galaxy VL
Schneider ELECTRIC – Galaxy VL

The unique and compact design of the Galaxy VL is half the size of the industry average at .8 meter square with data center floor space at a premium. The scalable and modular architecture of the Galaxy VL allows data center professionals to scale power in an incremented way, from 200kW to 500kW with 50kW power modules.

Moreover, this will deliver flexibility to data center professionals in order to grow according to their business demands. Schneider Electric has also revealed a new service named Live Swap with Galaxy VL that delivers a touch-safe design throughout the procedure of replacing or adding power modules while the UPS is online and completely operational. This also helps in maintaining business continuity and avoiding unscheduled downtime

In addition to that, the touch-safe design of Live Swap would provide high-level protection for employees who are not supposed to transfer the UPS to maintenance bypass or battery operation while the insertion or removal of the power modules.

The Vice President at 3-Phase Global Offer Management for Schneider Electric, Mustafa Demirkol, said that this brand new, energy-efficient Galaxy VL has raised the standards for UPS innovation and it is designed in a way to help the customers boost their growth while minimizing the footprint and cost of ownership. He further said that Galaxy VL is in keeping with their focus on the future requirements for data centers and satisfying the demands for sustainability, adaptability, efficiency, and resiliency. He concluded his statement by saying that Galaxy VL is a Green Premium product that offers top-notch performance, fills the previous fap in the market for the midrange power segment, and supports sustainability objectives.

Advantages of Galaxy VL

Increase reliability via EcoStruxure – Schneider Electric’s open, interoperable, IoT-enabled system architecture and the platform data center operators can take advantage of EcoStruxure IT software and services as the company has connected it with the new Galaxy VL. EcoStruxure services allow customers to manage, monitor, and model their IT Infrastructure and get access to 24/7 support anytime and anywhere.

Increase space to allow future growth – It is the most compact UPS with 50% more compactness than the industry average. It will free up valuable IT space and data center real estate. The Galaxy Lithium-ion Battery Cabinets offer space savings of up to 70% as compared to VRLA battery solutions.

Reach sustainability goals – It would be “99% efficient” in the ECOnversion mode for a full return of investment in two years in energy savings. Talking about the figures, it will approximately save electricity worth EUR 26,280, says Schneider Electric. It also has the option for long-lasting Lithium-ion batteries.

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