Schneider Electric, Microsoft Unveil Universal Rack Power Distribution Solution based on OCP Principles

At the OCP U.S. Summit 2017 in Santa Clara, California, Schneider Electric has announced it has partnered with Microsoft on the design of a Universal Rack Power Distribution Unit (UPDU) for Open Compute Project (OCP)-based data centers.

The co-engineered solution offers a single UPDU to simplify rack power system procurement, inventory management and deployment processes for data center operators managing large, hyperscale and colocation data centers.

schneider electricThe UPDU’s flexible input connector allows data center operators to use a single power distribution unit across their rack system architecture, which eliminates the need to employ an array of remote power distribution units (rPDUs) with differing densities and geographies. The UPDU also supports a wide range of input power ratings including: 16A 3Ph 400V, 30A 3Ph 208V, 32A 3Ph 400V, 50A 3Ph 208V.

“Working closely with Microsoft and within the open source community has enabled Schneider Electric to deliver a truly innovative solution that overcomes real issues seen in large scale global deployments,” said Robert Bunger, director of Data Center Standards, Schneider Electric. “The Universal PDU will enable our partners and data center operators to deploy rack scale capacity anywhere in the globe at speeds not seen before, while minimizing project risks.”

Last year, Schneider Electric unveiled a new portfolio of products and resources aimed at enabling data center managers to make more informed decisions around Open Compute Project (OCP) data centers and make implementation easier.

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