Seagate Launches Lustre-Based Scale-Out Solution Designed for HPC and Big Data

Seagate, the global storage solutions vendor, has unveiled its ClusterStor 9000 storage solution, a fully integrated Lustre-based scale-out solution designed for HPC and Big Data. The new solution is meant for customers who need to reliably plan, deploy and sustain maximum optimal application performance.

seagate-storageAvailable today, the ClusterStor 9000 solution would deliver superior converged scale-out storage quality and performance efficiency. Seagate states that the ClusterStor 9000 solution delivers 50% higher performance than previous ClusterStor platforms.

Additional customer benefits of Seagate’s solution would include GridRAID technology, providing 400% faster rebuild times, reduced management tasks and operating costs; and unique architecture that would eliminate storage I/O bottlenecks enabling efficient linear scalability achieving maximum sustainable performance per disk drive.