Secure Media Streaming and Delivery

Media content, whether it be the latest blockbuster movie or a company’s confidential webcasts, can be some of the most important assets for a media business. Storing, preparing, and delivering this content securely involves leveraging systems that can scale and ensure top-of-the-line security. Come find out how AWS can help you implement these workflows in the cloud using highly available, scalable, and secure cloud services such as Amazon S3 (storage), Amazon Elastic Transcoder (transcoding) and Amazon CloudFront (delivery).We also discuss the underlying concepts of secure media delivery (e.g., policy-based DRM and signed cookies/URLs), the challenges faced by customers who need to design and implement these critical modules, and how to leverage the power of AWS to accomplish those while saving on costs. In addition, we take a deep dive into a media processing stack implemented on AWS using open source components to deliver encrypted HTTP Live Streams (HLS) to various devices.

Duration: 01:00:13
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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