Secure multi-cluster & multi-tenant cloud native apps with Mirantis & Tetrate

Take the security concerns out of the application code stack and put them in the application networking platform where they belong, giving your security team centralized control of policy for all your applications with Tetrate Service Bridge in conjunction with Mirantis Container Cloud.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:
– How to remain cloud-agnostic with Mirantis Container Cloud
– How to efficiently manage multi-cluster, multi-tenant & multi-cloud deployments
– How Tetrate helps manage application failover across multiple clusters in any infrastructure

0:00 – Introductions & Agenda
3:02 – Overview of Cloud Native & Kubernetes software
8:34 – Overview of Mirantis Container Cloud
13:47 – Demo: Mirantis Container Cloud child cluster deployment
21:02 – Overview of Tetrate Service Bridge
33:30 – Overview of Tetrate Service Bridge Demo
35:00 – Demo: Tetrate Service Bridge
40:31 – Live Q&A Session

Duration: 00:51:04
Publisher: Mirantis
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