Securely Send Tracing Data to AWS X-Ray Using a VPC Endpoint | Amazon Web Services

In this video, you’ll see how to securely send tracing data to AWS X-Ray using a VPC endpoint powered by AWS PrivateLink. With this capability, you can enable communication between your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) and X-Ray without exposing that traffic to the public internet, allowing you to maintain regulatory compliance to strict security rules.

Note: Please replace parameters between curly brackets with values that match your configuration.
1) The command to find all available service names:
aws ec2 describe-vpc-endpoint-services –region {{your-AWS-region}}
2) The command to create a VPC Endpoint for AWS X-Ray service:
aws ec2 create-vpc-endpoint –vpc-id {{your-vpc-id}} –service-name com.amazonaws.{{your-AWS-region}}.xray –vpc-endpoint-type Interface –region {{your-AWS-region}}

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