Securing Remote Teams Infrastructure and Zero Trust Access Best Practices

Remote work has become the new norm with 62% of employees aged 22 to 65 saying they work remotely at least occasionally. According to the latest reports, 16% of companies worldwide are fully remote, while a significant portion allows for some form of flexibility.

One of the key challenges your clients are facing when setting up and managing a remote work environment is securing their corporate network. With employees accessing business systems from home, the number of possible network entries for hackers increases. This makes it more challenging to protect the network and the employees, requiring advanced security systems.

Learn how you can deliver reliable infrastructure and network protection to your clients!

Watch the webinar recording with GoodAccess to find out how you can address the emerging security challenges your clients are facing. Our experts discussed technologies your clients can use to secure their infrastructure and their network, particularly focusing on cloud platform and Zero Trust Access solutions by phoenixNAP and GoodAccess.

The session provided practical guidance for Channel Partners on how to recognize their clients’ security needs, provide consultation, and deliver the right solutions.
Learn how you can fill in the security gap in your portfolio!

– Lubos Milan, GoodAccess
– Peter Maher, phoenixNAP

We covered:
– Remote work security challenges your clients are facing
– Corporate network protection best practices
– Cloud infrastructure and Zero Trust Access features you can deliver
– Advantages of a Cloud Zero Trust Access solution by GoodAccess
– Automated platform deployment options from phoenixNAP

Duration: 00:45:04
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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