Security Hardening for Containerized Deployments across Multi Clouds | with Mirantis & Entrust

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In this webinar, we will examine how to add robust cryptography to the containerized applications that process sensitive data. Our expert speakers will describe how certified cryptographic capabilities – including key generation, digital signing, and data encryption – can be built-in within containerized applications, using hardware security modules (HSMs) to enhance security and facilitate auditing and regulatory compliance.

Join us to learn:
– Why high-assurance security is necessary when deploying containerized applications
– How to enhance the security of your containerized environments
– Typical use cases and the value that enhanced security brings to these deployments

0:00 – Introductions & agenda
2:51 – Background on containers & Kubernetes
4:11 – Modern application development – AKA, DevOps
7:30 – Security challenges: architecture & DevOps
10:45 – Architectural security challenges with containers & K8s
13:04 – DevOps challenges with containers & K8s
16:30 – How Entrust & Mirantis are partnering to help with container security
19:06 – Deep dive: how Entrust secures your containers
20:31 – What is a hardware security module (HSM)?
23:12 – A quick look at the entire infrastructure pipeline
25:48 – Container image security
28:03 – Where Mirantis Kubernetes Engine fits into all of this
29:33 – Key takeaways
30:46 – Live Q&A: what are the main advantages of containers over VMs?
31:52 – Live Q&A: do you expect new security challenges as more container orchestration tool arise?
33:42 – Live: Q&A: can you explain how HSMs facilitate compliance?
34:39 – Wrapping up

Duration: 00:35:19
Publisher: Mirantis
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