Security in the Cloud – Eyes on Enterprise

In this episode of Eyes on Enterprise Stephanie Wong invites Collin Frierson – Security and Compliance Specialist – to discuss security in the cloud. They’ll cover how an enterprise can protect themselves from phishing, offer an in-depth approach on how to utilize Google’s defense tools, and how Google protects customer data and supports regulatory compliance.

Time Markers:
Security in the cloud vs. on-prem→ 0:45
People vs. tools→ 2:17
Automating security→ 3:27
Phishing→ 5:11
Shared responsibility model→ 7:51
Protecting customer data→ 9:05
Defense in depth→ 10:20
Structuring your teams→ 12:13
Google’s security products→ 12:45
Regulatory compliance→ 14:11
Takeaways→ 16:03

Google Cloud Trust & Security→
Cloud Security Command Center→
Security Key Enforcement→
Access Transparency→
VPC Service Controls→
External Key Manager→

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Duration: 00:18:05
Publisher: Google Cloud
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