After five years of ownership, Sentia Denmark has divested its data center operations to focus on cloud services delivery. Sentia Denmark sells its data center in Glostrup, Denmark, to Dutch investment company Penta Infra. The deal signals the start of a new cooperation between the two firms, which is part of Sentia’s aim to focus on cloud services.

Penta Infra is an invest firm focused on acquiring data center and connectivity services across Europe. The company now has several data centers located in the Netherlands, Germany, and now also Denmark. This private equity firm is investing in digital infrastructure in Europe, with a concentration on data centers. Penta Infra has former KPN CEO Ad Scheepbouwer on board as non-executive partner.

The acquisition of this data center in Glostrup, Denmark, is only step one in Penta Infra’s journey into the Nordics.

Photo Alex Bakker, Partner and Founder at Penta Infra
“We are excited to team up with such a high-quality managed service provider collectively servicing clients across Denmark. We are proud of Sentia’s confidence in Penta to run this mission-critical facility,” said Alex Bakker, Partner and Founder at Penta Infra.

“We are excited to team up with such a high-quality managed service provider collectively servicing clients across Denmark. We are proud of Sentia’s confidence in Penta to run this mission-critical facility,” said Alex Bakker, Partner and Founder at Penta Infra. “For Penta, this acquisition perfectly fits our strategy in expanding our European service offering to Denmark and adds another site to our existing edge facilities in Germany and the Netherlands. Entering a new market in the Nordics is the next step in Penta’s strategy in the creation of a European datacenter network. We consider Copenhagen as upcoming European hub, from where further expansion in the region will be supported. We will invest in the datacenter in order to meet the increasing market requirements and to anticipate increasing market demand. As an experienced colocation datacenter service provider, we look forward to a successful cooperation with Sentia.”

Focus on Cloud Service Delivery

Sentia Denmark provides consulting, professional, and managed services to help organizations transition, control, and optimize their applications and IT environments from any cloud to any cloud. Sentia is a premium partner of Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud in addition to maintaining its own Sentia Cloud.

The data center was acquired by the Sentia Group in 2016, and Sentia has successfully operated it since then. Now is the moment for them to put even more emphasis on cloud computing and digital experience management. This prompted Sentia to seek for the proper partner to own and run the actual data center, while continuing to provide cloud services across all of its European sites.

“Operating a datacenter is not Sentia’s core business. Therefore, we have decided to divest this line of business and forge a partnership with Penta Infra, who has the right capabilities for and focus on running a datacenter,” said Jakob Høholdt, Managing Director of Sentia Denmark. “By selling our datacenter, we aim to achieve a synergy that will benefit our customers. We free up resources to do what we do best: Creating good customer experiences and ensuring we have the most optimal solutions now and in the future. We are very happy with this deal and look forward to a close partnership for many years to come.”