SEO Speed Case Study From Yoma & UKFast

SEO Speed Case Study From Yoma & UKFast.

YOMA wanted a partner with the Magento expertise they needed to grow their business. UKFast was that partner. We spoke to Digital Operations Manager Alex Ormandy about YOMA’s optimised Magento solution with UKFast.

Tell us about yourself and YOMA
YOMA has been in operation for seven years and has expanded as the demand for e-commerce and digital marketing has grown. YOMA works with a range of businesses, primarily retailers, from independent small businesses to global international brands with multiple channels.

Why were you looking to change your hosting provider?
Alex explained the company’s growth meant they needed to build a strong team capable of supporting their growing customer base.

“We met with the three main hosting providers but after meeting UKFast it was clear that they were the people to help us move forward. From the first week we were on first name terms with senior people including CEO Lawrence Jones and MD Jonathan Bowers.

“We met the technical people who had great skills but were also able to describe things in an easy-to-understand manner; as well as the account management team who made it clear they were very passionate about customer service and taking care of people.”

How did the UKFast team support you when setting up your solution initially?
Alex attributed the success of setting up the solution to a very thorough planning process.

“When changing hosting providers it’s almost like moving house. Having face-to-face meetings with UKFast to put a plan together was crucial. During the migration process there was a lot of hand-holding and communication; not just online but over the telephone which is the key to making decisions quickly.”

Did you encounter any problems?
“Anyone who has ever been involved in technology knows that problems always arise but it’s how you deal with them that is important. I’ve worked with technology providers who are keen to hide behind email and technical jargon but the UKFast team works together to deliver just what we need.”

How has UKFast met your key requirements?
“Our key requirements are to find partners who are dependable and understand the business but also our customers’ businesses. Through our very frequent communications with UKFast it’s clear they are all about getting to understand the main aims and ambitions of their customers but also their customers’ customers.”

What do you have hosted with UKFast and how important is this to your business?
YOMA has approximately 60 customers in all, of which about 20-30 are on dedicated servers. Initially these customers had a shared solution but as customers became more successful they were upgraded to dedicated load-balanced servers with resilience and

Of the solution Alex said: “Our solution from UKFast is as important as oxygen — without it we wouldn’t survive. It’s absolutely vital for us.”

Has your hosting had any direct impact on your business?
“Definitely. What we wanted to do three years ago was to find reliable suppliers to partner with us, allowing us to focus on our core skills.
“YOMA has grown 65% in the last 12-18 months and working with UKFast has had a direct impact on that.”

And how has the Magento optimised solution impacted your business?
“Magento is the most popular e-commerce OS platform with a 33% share of the market. Such a powerful platform is intensive to run and we needed to make sure the server solution is optimised.
“We have worked closely with the UKFast Linux team who have implemented some frankly ground-breaking server stack solutions; completing background research and development free of charge to identify what is needed to make Magento perform at its best.”
“This has helped us position ourselves as e-commerce market leaders in the Magento marketplace.”

What has your overall experience been like with UKFast?
“It’s been completely positive. We’ve worked with several people at UKFast over the last three years and in all departments there is a strong culture of taking care of customers. Their understanding of the latest requirements and developments in the industry keeps us up to speed with digital consumers’ needs.
“They are dependable and personable — we’ve come to see them as colleagues.”

What would you say to other companies thinking about working with UKFast?
“Don’t just take my word for it – go out there and talk to the main hosting providers. Talk to their sales, tech and account management teams and you’ll learn everything you need to know to make the right decision.
“Hosting is not just about the technical side of things, hardware and server boxes — it’s about delivering service.”

Duration: 3:5
Publisher: UKFast
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