Serverless BI Reporting on GCP with Data Studio (Cloud Next '19)

Take a deep dive into both new and upcoming capabilities in Google Data Studio and BigQuery that make it easy to implement a secure, scalable, and serverless BI solution on GCP. This session will cover how to overcome some of the most common BI challenges facing enterprises today – things like accessing and analyzing big data, scaling dashboards out to thousands of concurrent users, customizing visualizations to suit unique business needs, or managing and governing data users or reports ownership.

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Speaker(s): Minhaz Kazi, Mary Pishny, Riccardo Muti

Session ID: DA308
product:BigQuery,Data Studio; fullname:Felipe Hoffa,Minhaz Kazi,Riccardo Muti,Mary Pishny;

Duration: 43:20
Publisher: Google Cloud
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