Israel-based serverless CDN technology provider Peer5 has released a Multi CDN solution As-a-service through a single unified API. The current release combines the delivery infrastructure of 15 leading CDNs with a combined throughput of 400 Tbps, enough to support 400 million concurrent viewers streaming at 1 Mbps each.

As online video audiences continue to grow exponentially, traditional CDNs are not able to keep up with the demand for delivery capacity, stated Peer5. To handle the traffic spikes of major events, streaming providers would be turning to multiple content delivery networks. However, managing the additional infrastructure and business complexity would be prohibitive for all but the largest global companies; for everybody else, delivery would remain a major bottleneck. Peer5 has solved this challenge by packaging 15 “leading” CDNs into a single Multi CDN service, tuned for video and configurable with a single API.

“In 2012 we started Peer5 with the mission to solve the scalability issues inherent in CDNs,” said Hadar Weiss, CEO of Peer5. “Today we are partnering with leading global CDNs to create a completely decentralized network that customers can plug into to get the best performance possible in every region of the world. We are starting with 15 networks integrated into a single performance engineered solution and look forward to adding more CDN partners in the near future.”

Streaming 2018 World Cup

Peer5 MultiCDN is architected to offer organizations the highest quality video delivery infrastructure, powered by real time client- and server-side switching algorithms and “robust” routing technology, capable of switching instantly to the fastest available path. The real-time decisioning, down to the segment level, would significantly reduce the time it takes to overcome performance issues and can completely avoid QoE problems.

Peer5’s serverless delivery infrastructure has already helped stream massive worldwide events, such as the world soccer cup. The 2018 World Cup broke streaming records and customers such as FuboTV, RTP Portugal and others delivered over 100 million streams using Peer5’s technology. Other Peer5 clients include Turner, Fubo TV, Company Webcast, RTP, Grupo Clarin, Sony, and others.