Serverless Computing Solutions Company Stackery Raises $5.5 Million in Funding

Stackery, a provider of serverless computing solutions including release automation, governance, observability, and operational control over serverless applications and infrastructure, has raised $5.5 million in additional funding. The company from Portland Oregon has now raised a total of more than $7.3 million since its founding in November 2016.

According to Stackery, serverless technology is beginning to transform cloud infrastructure. Serverless applications would be significantly less expensive to run than those built in traditional environments while providing a great degree of flexibility in terms of how these applications can be designed. By abstracting away the undifferentiated heavy-lifting of server management, serverless applications would drive significant accelerations in development velocity.

Nate Taggart, CEO of Stackery

“Counter-intuitively, serverless adoption is an enterprise-first technology with broad demand among main street enterprise, as opposed to the Silicon Valley technology firms you might expect,” said Nate Taggart, CEO of Stackery. “These organizations are in the midst of a massive migration to the cloud and are looking to modernize on the best technology to drive their infrastructure strategy. As they move to the cloud, and embrace DevOps, and introduce new microservices into their architecture, they’re increasingly finding that serverless drives the best velocity for their initiatives. We’re committed to helping these world-class companies find success in their serverless adoption.”

The round was led by Steve Kishi of HWVP with participation from Voyager Capital, Pipeline Capital Partners, and Founders’ Co-op. Stackery has added Ted Driscoll, Vice President of Worldwide Sales, to its executive team.

The Serverless Space

“Stackery provides the most sophisticated software we’ve seen in the ‘serverless’ space,” said Steve Kishi of HWVP. “Stackery provides everything a development and operations team needs to reliably deploy serverless applications in production using appropriate governance and standardization. Though just over a year old, Stackery is clearly the leader in the enterprise serverless market.”

“Over the last 12 months, Nate and team have released their product, secured their first customers and established a leadership position in the serverless marketplace,” said Diane Fraiman, Voyager Capital Partner, who led Stackery’s previous round and followed-on in the new raise. “As I believed in the very initial work with Nate, Stackery isn’t just solving a technology problem for developers but is, in fact, addressing a much bigger enterprise business problem. This is exactly the type of company that Voyager finds compelling.”

In addition to the funding announcement, Stackery has released its serverless Health Metrics Dashboard to all existing and new customers. Stackery’s Health Metrics Dashboard provides at-a-glance visibility into the health across all tiers of a distributed serverless application, with the ability to quickly drill down to individual resources with deep diagnostic observability.