ServerLIFT Donates Server Handling Lift to University of Alaska

ServerLIFT, a global provider of data center solutions, has donated a brand new server handling lift – an SL-500C ServerLIFT – to the University of Alaska. The server handling lift is donated to the University of Alaska to improve safety and efficiency in the university’s data center.

The University of Alaska operates one of the largest data centers in Alaska. This data center is a 12-thousand-square-foot facility located on the University of Alaska campus. Built in 1993, it houses 110+ racks and serves clients across the state, including the Alaska Satellite Facility, Alaska Earthquake Center, and Alaska Volcano Observatory along with multiple University of Alaska affiliates.

“Despite serving major clients, the University of Alaska is run by a student-led staff,” said Steve Bashkin, Director of Sales at ServerLIFT. “Up until now, they’ve been forced to complete projects with the help of an inadequate, warped data center lift. The donation will enable this small team to make significant progress. This team will now complete their assignments on time and move their heaviest equipment quickly, without additional problems.”

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University of Alaska

Small Data Center Team

The University of Alaska data center is almost entirely student-run, with four full-time student employees. Up until recently, transportation, positioning, installation, and removal of servers has been difficult for this small data center team.

A combination of few staff numbers, insufficient lifting equipment, and manual lifting created a data center environment where projects were delayed and operators and servers were at risk for injury. Use of an old manual-assisted lifting device that maxed out at 400 pounds meant that multiple operators and dangerous physical exertion was needed for every move. In addition, the lift platform they were using was no longer stable.

“For the first time, we will be agile enough to complete installs with just one operator on shift,” said Derek Ward, University of Alaska‘s, Manager Office of IT – Data Center Operations. “We have faced a reduction in resources, specifically staffing. We are very grateful for this assistance from ServerLIFT and their donation.”

Derek Ward first got in touch with Bashkin and the ServerLIFT team at the Data Center World Conference in Texas in 2017. “I didn’t even know that a lift existed until that first conversation,” said Derek Ward. “This reliable, pristine data center lift will allow us to execute installs across all shifts and meet important delivery goals.”

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