ServerMania Launches Hybrid Servers in New York and Los Angeles

ServerMania, a provider of infrastructure hosting for small businesses, has announced the introduction of Hybrid Servers to its data center facilities in Buffalo, New York and Los Angeles, California.

SerMania’s Hybrid Servers combine the power of dedicated servers with the flexibility “and lower cost” of a virtualized environment.

ServerMania Hybrid Servers are based on “cutting-edge” virtualization technology. Each Hybrid Server offers guaranteed resources equivalent to those of a dedicated server, but with all the convenience and responsiveness users of virtualized platforms have come to expect. Hybrid Servers offer the performance of a dedicated server, while providing features that aren’t yet possible on dedicated hardware, including instant deployment, one-click OS reloads, and full control via ServerMania’s intuitive HTML5 console.

dedicated serversThe new Hybrid Servers are available in multiple configurations engineered to meet the real-world requirements of business hosting clients. Server users can choose from a preconfigured selection of single and dual Xeon CPU specifications up to 16 cores, storage configurations that include both SATA and SSD storage, and up to 64GB of RAM. All Hybrid Servers include 10 TB of bandwidth per month. 

“In the modern business hosting world, server hosting clients have come to rely on the responsiveness and flexibility of virtualized environments,” said Kevin Blanchard, CEO of ServerMania. “They often find themselves having to choose between the control virtualized environments offer and the power of dedicated servers, which are more expensive and less convenient. With the introduction of our Hybrid Servers, clients aren’t forced to compromise – our platform provides the benefits of a virtualized environment with the full power of bare metal.”

In addition to preconfigured server packages, Hybrid Server clients may take advantage of a number of upgrade options and add-ons, including storage, RAM, bandwidth, and backup upgrades.

Hybrid Servers are part of ServerMania‘s continuing mission to create a small business hosting platform that provides hosting solutions that fit perfectly with the needs of modern business.

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