ServerPronto Launches New Dedicated Server Packages Based on Dell DSS 1510 Hardware

ServerPronto, a provider of dedicated servers for over 15 years, has released a new dedicated server hosting package that makes use of Dell’s latest single socket 1U rack mounted server, the DSS 1510, and one of Intel’s latest Xeon processors, the E5-1650 v4.

dedicated servers serverprontoThe Dell DSS 1510 server would feature new and optimized hardware designs to provide high server value for the new dedicated servers from ServerPronto.

The Intel E5-1650 v4 is one of Intel’s latest server grade CPUs operating on their Broadwell architecture. The processor itself is a Hexa-Core CPU with 12 threads, with each core operating at 3.6GHz. The faster frequency would result in accelerated performance under high computing workloads, according to ServerPronto. It would represent a 10% performance increase over the previous Haswell generation CPUs.

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