Service observability with Istio and ASM

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If you run distributed workloads on Kubernetes or GKE, you probably have to manage more and more services. But how can you understand it all? A service mesh can help, offering you capabilities like observability, traffic management, and security, without having to modify application code. Check out this episode of Engineering for Reliability with Google Cloud where Yuri shows how to use both the open source version of the Istio service mesh and Google’s managed Anthos Service Mesh to get better observability.

0:00 – Intro
0:44 – How does a service mesh work?
1:41 – Demo
4:57 – Which mesh is best for you?
5:34 – Deploying ASM within cluster control plane
8:03 – What features do you need?
8:30 – Managed ASM deployment
9:46 – Wrap up

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