ServInt Adds More Power to Its Flex Dedicated Servers

ServInt, a global IaaS and cloud services provider delivering public, private, and hybrid hosted solutions including VPS hosting and dedicated servers, has re-imagined its ‘Flex Dedicated Servers’ by providing “leading edge” hardware that would enhance performance and allow website pages to load faster. 

With on-board SSD hard drive options, the new dedicated servers from ServInt would provide faster read and write times, Time To First Byte (TTFB), and higher data transfer rates. These increased speeds would allow people to browse websites quicker and easier, and likely stay on sites for longer periods of time. 

dedicated servers servintServInt’s new ‘Flex Dedicated Server’ packages also come standard with ServInt’s SimpleScale technology, which allows customers to upgrade and downgrade their server’s RAM and storage “seamlessly.”

“Today we’re redefining the dedicated hosting experience; we’re providing more power, performance, and value than ever before – while using our technology to make managing dedicated servers a breeze for our clients,” said ServInt CEO Reed Caldwell.

ServInt’s new dedicated servers come with off-server backups, LAMP stack, and cPanel/WHM. The company’s entry-level ‘Flex 4 Core’ dedicated package includes 16 GB of RAM and 750 GB of HDD Storage, or with 150 GB of SSD storage for a few dollars more. For those who need more speed and power – like those who host their website, company information, database and other items on a single server – the Flex 16 Core would be a good solution. With 64 GB of RAM and 1.5 TB of hardware RAID 10 Storage, this high-end dedicated server would be able to store a large amount of data while still giving its users the speed, resources, and redundancy needed for quick and efficient operations.

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