ServInt Announces New High Availability Dedicated Servers Featuring 99.999% Uptime Guarantee

ServInt, a managed hosting solutions provider for small to mid-size businesses, is now offering its customers High Availability (HA) Dedicated Servers that would be capable of fully recovering from hardware failure in less than 60 seconds, with data intact.

servint dedicated serversServInt‘s new HA Dedicated Servers are the product of extensive technology reaches from the client’s data all the way to the floor of the data center. After years of innovation, development, and experience, ServInt’s engineers have created a platform that lets one server act as though it’s one of many. This means if a dedicated server’s hardware fails, another will instantly be provisioned – with all the data already on it. 

This new HA Dedicated Server is designed to work with existing applications, without the need for modifications. ServInt has engineered its HA Servers so there’s no need to hassle with data replication to a spare server, clustering databases, or configuring a failover solution, all while giving its customers a 99.999 percent uptime guarantee. 

“Achieving 99.999 percent server availability has been the unicorn of single server dedicated hosting,” said Reed Caldwell, CEO of ServInt. “Traditional high availability offerings force customers to purchase multiple servers, failover services, and other supporting technology. We have designed our HA Servers to put all that behind the scenes, presenting a single server environment that looks and feels just like every other dedicated server.”