ServInt Announces New High Availability SSD Virtual Private Server (VPS Hosting) Packages

ServInt, a managed hosting solutions provider for small to mid-size businesses, has announced the launch of new High Availability (HA) SSD Virtual Private Server (VPS hosting) packages that would offer 99.999% uptime while being capable of fully recovering from hardware failure in less than 60 seconds with data intact.

Through the use of their “innovative” SimpleScale technology, ServInt claims having developed a true highly available SSD VPS that exceeds the 99.999% uptime goal of other HA environments.

dedicated servers servintBy removing the complexities of managing multiple VPS packages, configuring DNS failover, and data replication, ServInt’s HA VPS hosting plans would easily manage sites and applications in a turnkey, virtual environment with a traditional LAMP stack and managed support. The HA SSD VPS would also feature ease of scalability, allowing for seamless upgrades or downgrades to other packages tiers – or even to a HA Dedicated Server should the need arise. 

“The HA SSD VPS plans we’ve designed are a real game changer for small-to-medium businesses. Whether you’re hosting your online store, or reselling shared hosting packages, uptime is always a concern – and until recently – there wasn’t a cost-effective way to cobble together a highly available solution,” said Reed Caldwell, CEO of ServInt. “That’s all changed with the aggressive pricing and resource allocations we’re providing on these VPS packages. Compared to the competition, it’s like we’re including high availability at no extra cost.” 

ServInt’s team would be able to bring all the benefits of a redundant AWS Cloud-style platform to a VPS hosting environment and, should a client choose to transfer to an AWS platform as their business grows, the same team can manage the migration to the cloud.

The ServInt HA SSD VPS servers provide 24/7/365 managed support and all of the necessary software to administrate a server. All of ServInt’s HA SSD VPS packages would also come standard with:

  • Daily Off-Server Backups
  • Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) Stack Software
  • Highly Scalable Environments
  • “Fast & Redundant Network”
  • FREE cPanel/WHM Server Administration Licensing