ServInt Launches Online Web Hosting Learning Center, ServInt University

As part of its 20th Anniversary, ServInt has launches a new website including a dedicated web hosting learning center, called the ServInt University. In the ServInt University, users can find answers to hundreds of frequently asked questions about web hosting related technology, site management, software, Internet governance and regulatory policy, and much more.

ServInt’s completely redesigned website leverages the company’s vertical-scaling cloud technologies to simplify and accelerate customer set-up, while this new learning center, ServInt University, collects 20 years of web hosting know-how into one easily searchable knowledge center.

dedicated-servers-servint“When I started this business, I was a 19 year old with a dream, a couple of PCs, and a 9600 baud modem,” said ServInt Founder and CEO Reed Caldwell. “Twenty years and many millions of hosted web sites later, things have changed for ServInt. We now have datacenters and offices around the globe, and a range of web hosting products far more powerful than anything I could have imagined back in 1995. I still have the same dream, though: to offer businesses around the world a more powerful, more transparent, and more trustworthy way to host their apps and websites.”

Founded in Northern Virginia in 1995, ServInt provides a range of IaaS, PaaS, VPS hosting and dedicated server packages to hosting service resellers, web designers, developers and online businesses in more than 130 countries.