Setting up free delivery options in Fasthosts eCommerce Website Builder (2021)

This video will show you how to set up an option for free delivery and how to set the criteria for your customers to qualify in eCommerce Website Builder (2021)

Images that I used to create my example website were obtained from

Thank you very much to the following artists:

Natasha Skov

Nathan Nugent

Kiona Lee

Rodrigo dos Reis

Lars Blankers

Charles Deluvio

Alice Pasqual

Andrew Coop

Aliona Gumeniuk

Ilona Frey

Viktor Talashuk

Melissa Belanger

Sviatoslav Huzii

Terra Slaybaugh

Akshay Nanavati

Michele Blackwell

Jocelyn Morales

Adam Bouse

Timo Volz

Nick Fewings

Duration: 00:05:22
Publisher: Fasthosts Internet
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