Setting up your Apigee environment

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Apigee consists of services and runtime, but how do you set up your Apigee environment? In this video, we show how you can set up your environment with Apigee and decide between an evaluation and a paid environment. Watch to learn how you can get set up in the Apigee Console and begin creating your own proxies!

0:00​ – Intro
0:20 – Architecture
1:02 – Requirements
1:15 – Differences between Evaluation & Paid org
1:57 – Create eval via interface, wizard, or command line
2:02 – GitHub script to create eval org option
2:10 – How to use the wizard to create eval org
2:28 – Enable APIs via wizard
2:38 – Define networking
3:32 – Provisioning org
3:50 – Configuring access routing
6:11 – Adding a DNS record (optional)
6:48 – Recap conclusion

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