ShadowGate: Malvertising in Action | Talos

Exploit kits are a class of threat that indiscriminately attempt to compromise all users. Malicious advertisements, or malvertising, are a common vector adversaries use to try and redirect users to an exploit kit.

Talos has monitored the threat of exploits kits over time which has yielded in-depth research and large scale takedowns. Recently, Talos observed a large malvertising campaign affecting potentially millions of users visiting sites in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. This video demonstrates how a user might have gotten compromised from this malvertising campaign and gotten redirected to an exploit kit. This research culminated in a joint effort with GoDaddy to mitigate the threat by taking back the registrant accounts used to host the activity, and taking down all applicable subdomains.

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Duration: 1:49
Publisher: Cisco
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