Shifting left to scale up: shortening the road to scalable quantum computing | Quantum Week 2021

In the past, the development of a new computer technology followed a common path:  tape out a chip, develop the software, and then bring up the system.  But our road to scalable quantum computing needs to be different.  (Learn more:

To bring in the timelines to scale, we need to close the gap between theory and development, and co-develop hardware and software.  We have an advantage of already knowing some of the problems we want to solve with quantum computers, up to a decade before we will implement them, and we know they require scaling the quantum machine to 1M qubits and beyond. 

To accelerate this scaling up, and to shorten the road ahead, requires early software development, the rapid evolution of devices, widespread community engagement, and continued exploration of the next wave of quantum algorithms and solutions. 

Krysta Svore will share how we’re working at Microsoft to help open up the stack, through software services, tools, and languages, to enable creative and collaborative innovation across the community, increased interoperability and flexibility among platforms and devices, and co-development of hybrid quantum solutions.  To scale up, we need to keep shifting left, together.

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Duration: 00:57:40
Publisher: Microsoft Azure
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