Ship secure, faster: Intelligent software security with Microsoft

Your business needs to move fast to survive. You build on components from dozens of different vendors and open source, all of which are changing underneath you every day. You’re moving to DevOps but you can’t compromise on security and you can’t hire an army of security experts. What are you going to do?

Learn how Microsoft’s intelligence and Microsoft’s platform helps you with software security. Start with Microsoft Security Risk Detection, which brings a decade of Microsoft AI plus the scale of the Azure cloud to your fingertips to perform large scale “”Fuzz testing”” of your software. See how Visual Studio Team Services helps you build a DevOps workflow so nothing falls through the cracks. Once you find a problem, use Windows Defender Exploit Guard to mitigate issues at scale in Windows 10. Finally, learn how developer support and consulting from Microsoft can help you scale best practices across your entire organization.

From this session, you will walk away ready to get your entire organization started on the path to a better, intelligent software security with Microsoft.

Duration: 20:1
Publisher: Microsoft Cloud Platform
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