Should you have a website? | What is a website builder?

In this video, we will cover the importance of having a website, what a Website Builder is, and how it works. Watch this video until the end to learn how important it is to be present online with your own website, and how easy it is to create a website using our Website Builder.

00:00 – Intro
00:35 – Importance of having a website
01:11 – Credibility
01:30 – Brand Recognition
01:57 – Attracting new customers
02:45 – What is the Website Builder
03:06 – What can you do with the Website Builder
04:27 – How to get started
04:49 – Website Builder 14-day free trial
05:10 – Ending remarks

Website Builder 14-day Free trial link:

Duration: 00:05:25
Publisher: onecom
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