Silicon Valley-based Data Center Solution Company ITRenew Acquires France-based Splitted-Desktop Systems (SDS)

ITRenew, a company headquartered in Silicon Valley that supports the data erasure and data center decommissioning needs of some of the most large-scale, data-rich, privacy-focused organizations in the world, has acquired Splitted-Desktop Systems SAS (“SDS”), a data center solution design and engineering firm focused on Open Hardware compute and storage systems based in France. 

The technology portfolio created by the combination would provide a unique set of solutions for some of the largest and most complex data center environments in the world. The acquisition includes SDS’s U.S. subsidiary, Horizon Computing Solutions. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Refurbished Compute and Storage

“Together with SDS, ITRenew is set to accelerate its growth in the enterprise hardware supply chain and continue its mission to disrupt and optimize the legacy data center hardware market,” said Aidin Aghamiri, CEO of ITRenew. “The cutting-edge technologies developed by SDS will enhance ITRenew’s capabilities to provide a best-in-class data center product portfolio of refurbished and recertified compute and storage solutions.”

“The IT industry has been driven by a produce, consume, dispose cycle for the past 30 years,” said SDS CEO Jean-Marie Verdun, who is joining ITRenew. “Today, it makes strategic sense to transition the industry to a more circular model, with the possibility to reuse servers beyond their original useful life.”

Data Center Hardware Innovation

Backed by private equity firm ZMC, ITRenew is a global IT lifecycle management solutions provider, specializing in data center decommissioning, data erasure, and data security services. ITRenew’s technology-driven approach streamlines traditional data center decommissioning processes to deliver superior data and asset security, value recovery and IT sustainability.

SDS’s technologies include Linuxboot, an open source BIOS strategic initiative which has been developed in conjunction with some of the world’s largest technology companies. In addition, SDS would have in-depth knowledge of open hardware, open source and related design tools. SDS has “successfully” developed a scalable recertification program focused on Open Compute hardware, which would enable used data center equipment to operate at performance capabilities comparable to brand new equipment.

Aghamiri and Verdun point to the joint company’s focus on data center hardware innovation: “We share the same vision of disrupting hardware supply and offering market solutions in which reuse, sustainability, optimization, scale and, performance intersect, thus opening doors for endless possibility for our clients,” they said.