Silver Peak Unveils Its Unity Fabric That Unifies an Enterprise Network with a Public Cloud Hosting Environment

Silver Peak, a software company combining cloud, Internet and WAN on a single fabric, has released Unity, an intelligent wide area network (WAN) fabric that unifies an enterprise network with a public cloud hosting environment. Silver Peak Unity correlates information about cloud services and Internet “weather” to intelligently route traffic over a secure, optimal path.

By keeping SaaS and IaaS traffic on the Unity fabric, IT would gain the ability to monitor and control connectivity to a cloud hosting environment while ensuring consistent Software as a Service (SaaS) performance.

silver-peak“Most enterprises use dozens of SaaS services, whether IT knows about them or not,” said David Hughes, CEO of Silver Peak. “That usage will only increase as enterprises shift computing workloads to the cloud. The problem is, IT staff have no insight into that traffic once it leaves the WAN. They can’t troubleshoot problems or optimise applications the way they would on their own network. CIOs don’t want to be responsible for performance they can’t control.” 

“Silver Peak Unity represents an entirely new approach to wide area networking, which steps beyond WAN optimization,” added Hughes. “We’re giving the enterprise a complete map of the cloud-driven network and applying new routing and intelligence to help enterprise IT see, control and optimize connectivity to every SaaS application.”

Key features of Silver Peak Unity include:

  • Advanced WAN Routing – Advanced Exterior Routing identifies the closest egress to cloud data centers and directs traffic to a cloud hosting service over an optimal path. Advanced Interior Routing dynamically selects the fastest, least-congested, or most available path for traffic by monitoring packet loss, latency, and bandwidth in real-time.
  • Cloud Intelligence – This new subscription service delivers information about cloud hosting services to Silver Peak software instances, creating an Internet weather map for intelligent routing decisions.
  • Accelerated Encryption – The Unity fabric is built on IPsec VPN security without any performance degradation, using AES-256 encryption with SHA-1 authentication and a simplified deployment model.
  • Data Reduction – WAN compression and de-duplication inspects all traffic in real-time, eliminating repetitive transmission of duplicate data.
  • Path Conditioning – Adaptive Forward Error Correction reconstitutes dropped packets in real-time, while Packet Order Correction re-sequences packets that may traverse multiple paths across the network.
  • Traffic Shaping – Applications are classified to prioritize critical traffic classes while constraining recreational or personal-use traffic classes.
  • Global Visibility: Web-based GMS provides centralized orchestration of WAN deployments, advanced application classification, and detailed performance metrics.