Simple solutions to deploy true multi tenancy to Kubernetes clusters to reduce complexity and cost

Kubernetes adoption requires infrastructure which enables the easy deployment and management of multiple clusters, whether they are located in a single region on-premises or in the cloud, or across different regions.

Channel Partners need to provide solutions that can reduce operational costs and support multi-tenancy, disaster recovery, hybrid or multi-cloud deployment, and edge deployment of containerized applications.

phoenixNAP infrastructure-as-a-service solutions enable businesses to extend Bare Metal Cloud to any cloud. By deploying Avesha KubeSlice on Bare Metal Cloud (BMC) by phoenixNAP, your clients can fast-track their digital transformation and ensure the ease, agility, and scalability of their application deployments. Solve multi-cluster challenges by simplifying network, security, and multitenancy management in the cloud, on-prem, and on the edge.

If you are tired of networking, configuring gateways, firewalls, proxies, and IP addresses, and connecting apps across your Kubernetes clusters, watch the webinar recording, where we discussed the tools and best practices for solving the main multi-cluster management and deployment challenges.

We discussed:
• The main multi-cluster management challenges
• How to deploy true multi-tenancy
• Tools to help you leverage the availability of application services
• Tips for consistent deployment of application services across multiple clusters
• Best practices for security and identity implementation across multiple clusters
• How to extend your Bare Metal Cloud to any cloud
• Multi-tenant connectivity and segmentation demo

We showcased a demo of how to easily connect distributed apps across different regions in less than 20 minutes!

Duration: 00:49:23
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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