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Building a Cloud Run web application and using Visual Studio Code? In this episode of Serverless Toolbox Extended, Martin and Abby show you how to run, debug, and easily deploy a Cloud Run service locally with Visual Studio Code. Watch to learn how the VS extension in Cloud Code simplifies Cloud Run development!

0:00​ – Intro
1:12 – Installing Cloud Code in Visual Studio Code
1:50 – Download the sample app
2:40 – Run the sample app locally
6:20 – Hot reload after code changes
7:30 – Adding a Datastore database
12:45 – Local debugging
16:05 – Deploying the service to the cloud
17:25 – Viewing the server logs in Visual Studio Code

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Product: Cloud Run; fullname: Martin Omander, Abby Carey;

Duration: 00:19:16
Publisher: Google Cloud
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