Simplify Hybrid Deployments with VMware NSX Service Mesh & Google Cloud Services (Cloud Next '19)

VMware and Google Cloud enable an Open Cloud Hybrid Solution which provides you the flexibility to develop and deploy containerized applications with bi-directional portability. A seamless Istio/Envoy service fabric, federated by NSX Service Mesh between VMware PKS and Google Cloud enable developers to connect, secure, and observe services on-prem and in Google Cloud. Regardless where applications are built from data centers to remote offices, VMware SD-WAN ensures connectivity is automatically and securely setup so developers can confidently run their apps anywhere with NSX Service Mesh.

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Speaker(s): Ines Envid, Pere Monclus

Session ID: HYB225
fullname:Ines Envid;

Duration: 40:21
Publisher: Google Cloud
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