Site24x7 Introduces AI-Driven Microsoft Azure Monitoring

Site24x7, a cloud offering from Zoho Corporation with offices worldwide including the Netherlands, US, India, Singapore, Japan and China, has introduced its AI-powered Microsoft Azure monitoring as well as its chatbot integration with Microsoft Teams.

Site24x7 Azure monitoring enables IT teams to manage over 100 Azure products using the Azure Monitor REST API in near real time. This would make it valuable for IT teams to gain actionable alerts, reduce resolution time, and gain visibility into their hybrid clouds.

With the introduction of the Site24x7 chatbot for Microsoft Teams, DevOps and application owners will be able to get the health status of critical applications in their workplace chat room.

Addressing the growing challenge associated with hybrid cloud adoption, Site24x7 brings together existing capabilities for monitoring user experience, infrastructure monitoring, and application performance management into one unified solution that can deliver full stack monitoring in a hybrid environment, thus giving DevOps and IT teams a holistic view into their IT infrastructure. Additionally, Microsoft Teams chatbot integration would help to enhance productivity in organizations grappling with hybrid environmental challenges.

“With digital transformation picking up the pace, DevOps teams are happy embracing public cloud for new workloads, but it comes with a few inevitable challenges such as getting end-to-end visibility, performance degradation, and managing user experience of business-critical applications,” said Srinivasa Raghavan, product manager, Site24x7. “With AI-driven monitoring and IT automation, the mean time to repair issues across private, public and hybrid environments is greatly reduced, thus improving productivity.”

Site24x7 Azure monitoring and the Microsoft Teams integration are available immediately.

Site24x7 Azure Monitoring

Site24x7’s Azure monitoring leverages AI and automation to help IT teams with the following capabilities:

  • Out-of-the-box support – Enables IT teams to manage100+ Azure products covering compute, storage, databases, network, analytics and security.
  • Microsoft Azure Marketplace extensions – Site24x7’s extensions in the Azure Marketplace would make it easy for IT teams to get in-depth visibility into processes and services running in Windows and Linux virtual machines; the APM Insight .NET extension helps in application performance management of .NET applications in addition to Java, PHP and newly launched Node.js.
  • AI-powered detection of unusual spikes in KPIs – Every performance statistic across the whole deployment stack is monitored around the clock.
  • Auto-recovery and fault tolerance – IT automation capabilities allow administrators to automate and recover critical resources without any human intervention.

In addition to providing a comprehensive Azure management platform, Site24x7 plans to introduce cloud cost analysis and management for various cloud platforms in the near future. This is aimed at helping IT teams to better manage their cloud spending and lower IT management costs.

Site24x7 Microsoft Teams Integration

Site24x7’s chatbot integration with Microsoft Teams gives DevOps and IT teams contextual information in one clear view to make quicker decisions. It also applies natural language processing, where users can interact and check the health status of critical applications and receive a realistic, near-human response. Notifications about incidents are also available in Teams through Connectors and Site24x7’s custom dashboard as a tab to visualize data and collaborate with team members within the Teams portal.

“ChatOps scenarios built on Microsoft Teams empower users to collaborate, share critical documents and applications, and communicate in real time,” said Bhrighu Sareen, general manager, Microsoft Teams. “Site24x7’s AI-driven monitoring capability brings together developers, application teams, and IT operations into a single efficient, secure location in Microsoft Teams for quick problem identification all the way to resolution.”

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