Site5 Invests $600k in Cloud-based Code Editor Codeanywhere

reseller-hostingBy raising $600,000 in Series A investment capital from World Wide Web Hosting, LLC, Croatian startup Codeanywhere will be able to continue focusing on scalability and the development of new features. World Wide Web Hosting, LLC, is the parent company of web hosting provider Site5.

With currently over 150,000 users, Codeanywhere is one of the largest players in the cloud development space. The funding will be used for things like new collaboration tools and fully featured native mobile apps. It is said that Codeanywhere wants to be the ‘Google Docs’ for the software code developer community.

The platform of Codeanywhere enables programmers to write code and build their sites and apps in the cloud from virtually any browser and on any device. Besides that, the platform enables developers to collaborate in real-time. Competitors of Codeanywhere include Koding, Cloud9 and ShiftEdit.

About Site5

The Series A investment in Codeanywhere allows Site5 to explore the possibilities of initiating a one-click solution for the publishing of programming results to a web hosting environment.

Site5 is an interesting web hosting company, with 100+ team members on-staff around the world, but: working from their homes. The spread of staff around the world helps to deliver its hosting services and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company is well-known among website and app developers and has a strong focus on reseller hosting facilitating the developers community.