SiteGround Launches Web Hosting Plans Aimed At University Students

Web hosting provider SiteGround, headquartered in Panama with data center locations in Chicago, Amsterdam and Singapore, has initiated a marketing program specifically aimed at university students. The company intends to early target future designers, developers, and content creators with the program.

web-hosting-studentsWith these web hosting plans the company goes back to its roots, as SiteGround was founded back in 2004 by some students working from their university dorm rooms. Today, the company has about 90 employees and is growing steadily.

The program originally started as an internal initiative when SiteGround agreed to provide free hosting for the students of several university professors who were using the company’s web hosting services for their personal projects. Now, it has grown into a full-fledged program accessible through a separate section of SiteGround’s website, located at:

Web hosting for professors and students

New to SiteGround’s web hosting program is that individual students can now participate as well. Each student can get a one year full-featured web hosting account by SiteGround at a highly-discounted price. The only requirement is to provide a valid e-mail address with the .edu extension. Another addition to the original initiative is the opportunity for student organizations to partner with SiteGround and receive free hosting for their websites.

So now the web hosting program has two branches aimed at the two main target audiences – the educators and the individual students. The offer for the faculty members is essentially the same that got the whole program started: it still allows each approved professor to enroll anyone, who participates in his/her course, for a free hosting account.