Six ways to attract more clicks through AdWords | 123-reg

This new Swift Six video features Nick Leech, Group Marketing Director at 123-reg, presenting six methods to get more people click on your AdWords ad.

Once you have set your AdWords campaign for your business, you need to take action towards enhancing the number of people that click on the respective ads. Here are the six most important steps to take in this respect.

The first one is to use the keywords from the ad group in the headline of your ad so that the potential customers’ searches on Google be directed to it. Thus, the exact terms used when they search your product or service on Google will be reflected in the headline with bold characters, which will enhance the impulse to click on the advertisement.

The second step is also based on the principle presented above, but it implies using the keywords in the beginning of the first descriptive line of your ad. Seeing the terms used in their searches both in the headline and line 1 will help people think that you sell exactly what they are looking for and, thus, will determine them to click.

The third thing to be done in order to get more clicks on your AdWords ads is to use a full stop or an exclamation mark at the end of line 1. This will enable Google to make the difference between line 1 and line 2 and to move them around within the ad in order to determine where they work best. When put at the end of the first descriptive line, any of these two punctuation marks usually leads to line 1 being moved up beside the headline, which results into a longer one and this kind of long headlines attract more clicks.

The fourth step in our current Swift Six series is to present not only the features of your product or service in the ad, but also their benefits. So, for example, if you have a plumbing business that is CORGI registered – which represents a feature of your services – let people know the benefits of this aspect as well, such as peace of mind and quality guaranteed.

The fifth thing applies where possible and it involves using prices in your AdWords ad. If you offer your product or service a low price, this will make people interested and wanting to click. If the price is higher, this may lead to reluctance in clicking further, but the individuals that do carry on will not be scared off and be far more likely to convert once they get to your site.

The last stimulus to a higher number of clicks on your ad resides in using a call to action within the respective ad. This means trying to get people to click on it NOW. To create a sense of urgency you may want to say that it is a special offer, that it ends at a specific period of time or that the offer is available while the stock lasts.

For more advice and tips on how to optimise your presence online, stay tuned for our next Swift Six series!

Duration: 4:26
Publisher: 123 Reg
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