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Here is Nick Leech, Group Marketing Director at 123-reg, presenting you six reliable sources of inspiration for producing blog posts.

Having a blog for your website is a great method to promote the latter in a constructive way, creating opportunities to showcase expertise, confer personality on your brand and business and offer alternative solutions to the problems that your potential customers may encounter. However, a good blog needs to be dynamic and constantly providing new information, which requires varied and rich sources of ideas. Here is a series of suggestions in this respect.

The first thing to do in order to create blog posts is to collect ideas and write them down when you have them. Evernote is an efficient tool which helps you immediately store whatever image or content you come across and which you find inspiring for your future blog posts. The advantage of this electronic application (used with mobile phones, laptops and tablets) is that it allows you to save items on the spot and search them later for actually creating the blog posts.

Secondly, you should find, organise and keep an eye on the websites that operate in your niche. Since these tackle with aspects that appeal to your audience as well, try to stay up to date with their latest posts so you can ‘recycle’ the provided data. In order to be constantly informed of what is new, check the respective websites as frequently as possible, subscribe to any newsletter they have or use an RSS feed to receive, filter and process them in your email client.

A third source of inspiration for your blog posts results from following the journalists that produce the content of the above mentioned websites on social media. They will surely display their expertise regarding various topics from the related area through Facebook or Twitter posts before actually delivering it on the ‘official’ websites. Hence, don’t miss out on their posts on the social media platforms.

The fourth element on which you can capitalise to obtain inspiration for your blog posts is to identify the questions that your audience are currently asking. Thus, you will know what to write about so that you grab their attention. An efficient way to discover great topics of interest for your public is to go to a website called Quora ( Here, people ask questions which are answered by experts and the best answers are rated by the community. Thus, you need to type in the area of your business or a general topic and your search will return the most frequently asked related questions and their most appreciated answers. Use these to shape the content of your future blog posts.

The fifth suggestion in the current Swift Six issue is to use your social media accounts to ask questions of your followers or of a community relevant to your business. See what kind of answers you can get and elaborate blog posts based on the received information.

The last element in our Swift Six series is to resort to Google Consumer Surveys. Against a fee of one hundred dollars, you can ask questions of a representative sample of the UK Internet population with a cost of 10 cents per response. So, you invest 100 hundred dollars and receive one thousand answers which can serve as valuable data for your blog posts.

Moreover, the results of the Google Consumer Surveys come under the form of relevant and suggestive infographics that can be easily dragged and dropped directly into one of your blog posts.

More tips and useful information to help you define your presence online are ready with our next Swift Six series, so don’t miss out on the next one!

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