Smart, Secure, and Modern app delivery for enterprises and cloud-natives (Google Cloud Next ’17)

Google Cloud’s modern application delivery enables both enterprises and cloud-natives to move away from fixed form factor apps to highly available, scalable, composeable, low-latency cloud services with a global footprint. Google’s software-defined network and network services along with open innovations provide the foundation for delivering these services. Prajakta Joshi and Anna Berenberg describe how you can use Google Cloud to deliver global reach and scale with Global Load Balancing and Cloud CDN; build microservices with Containers and Internal Load Balancing; secure your apps against DDoS attacks; and leverage seamless connectivity options for hybrid/multi-cloud app delivery. Hear Ravi talk about The Home Depot’s journey to delivering smart, secure, modern services on Google Cloud Platform.

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Duration: 57:1
Publisher: Google Cloud
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