Smartdc Reopens Its Colocation Data Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

SmartdcSmartdc, a colocation data center provider from the Netherlands with data centers located in Rotterdam and Heerlen, has refurbished and expanded its colocation data center in Rotterdam. The new data center now offers 3,500 square meters of colocation space in the former Van Nelle Factory building, a former distribution center of this Dutch coffee manufacturer that’s on the world heritage list of UNESCO.

Part of the Performance Group which also includes managed hosting provider, a company with global operations and offices in Rotterdam and Los Angeles specializing in game hosting, Smartdc’s management saw the need for a modernization of its Rotterdam-based colocation data center. The result is colocation data center with a renewed focus on security and energy-efficiency.

Security Layers, Data Center Cooling

The refurbished Smartdc data center in Rotterdam features multiple security layers including fingerprint scanning, intrusion detection, two-factor authentication, anti-ram raid, and more, while security guards are present onsite 24/7.

Unique to Smartdc’s refurbished data center is the cooling method being used. Smartdc utilizes closed hot and cold aisles, resulting in improved energy-efficiency. The use of air sock control in the cold aisle would ensure optimum distribution of cold air.

The entire renovation of the data center entrance and the former loading docks of the building was carried out in consultation with the architect of the Van Nelle Factory and specialists from the Rotterdam municipality, ensuring that the external appearance of this UNESCO monument is preserved intact.

Watch the opening of this refurbished colocation data center in Rotterdam below.