Snowflake Best Practices for Elastic Data Warehousing

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Data driven organizations can be challenged to deliver new and growing business intelligence requirements from existing data warehouse platforms, constrained by lack of scalability and performance. The solution for customers is a data warehouse that scales for real-time demands and uses resources in a more optimized and cost-effective manner. Join Snowflake, AWS and to learn how enhanced BI service levels and decreased expenses while meeting demand to collect, store and analyze over a terabyte of data per day. Snowflake Computing delivers a fast and flexible elastic data warehouse solution that reduces complexity and overhead, built on top of the elasticity, flexibility, and resiliency of AWS.

Join us to learn:
• Learn how eliminates data redundancy, and simplifies and accelerates data load, unload, and administration
• Learn how to support new and fluid data consumption patterns with consistently high performance
• Best practices for scaling high data volume on Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3

Who should attend: CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, Directors of IT, IT Administrators, IT Architects, Data Warehouse Developers, Database Administrators, Business Analysts and Data Architects

Duration: 00:57:39
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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