Snyk Acquires CloudSkiff – Creators of Open-Source Tool for Drift Detection, driftctl

CloudSkiff, inventors of driftctl, a top open-source tool for drift detection, has agreed to be acquired by Snyk, a global provider of developer security solutions. Financial terms of this acquisition were not disclosed.

The capacity to properly discover inconsistencies as they occur is one of today’s largest issues in an Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) controlled infrastructure environment, stated Snyk. driftctl detects drift outside of a developer’s infrastructure code, completing a critical gap in a full DevSecOps toolkit.

The acquisition of CloudSkiff would now enable the global Snyk team to accelerate adding these enhanced drift detection capabilities to Snyk IaC, while also continuing to encourage and facilitate the open-source development of driftctl.

Cloud Native Technologies

By utilizing cloud native technologies like containers and IaC, the Snyk Developer Security Platform would enable both development and security teams to innovate safely. With the inclusion of these new drift detection capabilities, Snyk can now help these developers establish secure setups while coverage has been broadened to address the infrastructure drift blind areas that might sneak in after deployment. According to Snyk, static IaC tests alone can’t identify these modifications after they’ve been deployed, and developers can’t protect something they can’t see.

Because more than half of today’s applications contain some kind of IaC, empowering developers to own and address these issues would be crucial. For IaC developers, driftctl may successfully bridge these gaps and significantly expand Snyk IaC’s capabilities, including:

  • Scanning Cloud Environments – In order to discover discrepancies between the IaC-represented desired configuration and the actual state
  • Identifying Unmanaged Resources – Resources in the IaC code base that are unmanaged to decide what needs to be managed or eliminated

Furthermore, the CloudSkiff team would bring to Snyk a wealth of domain experience, having established an open-source product with an active, rapidly increasing community in the previous year. The team’s extensive experience should help hasten the development of additional Snyk IaC features beyond drift in 2021 and beyond.

Open-Source Tool

Photo Peter McKay, CEO at Snyk
“We’re excited that millions of developers worldwide will now have access to an IaC product that combines these increased infrastructure drift capabilities with the power of the comprehensive Snyk platform,” said Peter McKay, CEO at Snyk.

Moving ahead, Snyk says it is completely committed to keeping driftctl as an open-source product. Snyk recognizes that the recent growth of IaC tools has been largely due to the contributions of the active IaC community, so full transparency of the work on driftctl, including live coding and demonstration sessions, as well as community interaction on key issues in GitHub and on Discord, will be continued.

“We recognize the team powering driftctl as the ultimate experts in the widely acknowledged issues associated with infrastructure drift,” said Peter McKay, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Snyk. “We’re excited that millions of developers worldwide will now have access to an IaC product that combines these increased infrastructure drift capabilities with the power of the comprehensive Snyk platform. We’re particularly thrilled to welcome the active driftctl community into the Snyk family, and will continue to actively develop driftctl as an open source tool.”

CloudSkiff is Snyk’s fourth acquisition since October 2020, following the acquisitions of FossID, Manifold, and DeepCode. This newest corporate development follows the company’s announcement in September 2021 of a $600 million Series F investment.

CloudSkiff’s employees are thrilled to become Snykers, and we’re confident that our founding mission – helping the world’s developers gain control over their cloud deployments – remains intact, growing exponentially with the size of this new opportunity,” said Stephane Jourdan, CTO and Founder of CloudSkiff. “We admire all that the Snyk team has accomplished to date, and look forward to playing an important role in this next phase of the company’s journey. Together, we’ll empower millions more of the world’s developers to build securely.”

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