Snyk Launches Developer-Centric Cloud Security Solution, Snyk Cloud

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A new cloud security solution created by and for developers has been made available by Snyk. The newly launched Snyk Cloud solution would significantly expand the company’s current Developer Security Platform. It may enable more businesses to adopt DevSecOps and foster more fruitful cooperation between their developer, operations, security, and compliance teams.

The earlier this year completed acquisition of Fugue allowed for the launch of this Snyk Cloud solution.

“Our global customers have witnessed firsthand how previous cybersecurity tenets have evolved profoundly, with cloud infrastructure now changing just as fast as the apps themselves. They’re eager for one comprehensive solution that provides a truly complete cloud picture, driving DevSecOps by enhancing developer productivity securely,” said Adi Sharabani, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Snyk. “We’re incredibly proud to reveal this industry gamechanger, Snyk Cloud, the first developer security product designed for the cloud era in order to address every important stage of a modern app’s life today from development through to production.”

Snyk’s Cloud Security solution, which was thoughtfully created with the help of international DevSecOps teams, unifies and expands its already-existing products, Snyk Infrastructure as Code and Snyk Container, with Fugue’s “industry-leading” cloud security posture management (CSPM) capabilities. Now that these components have been effectively merged, a completely functional cloud security solution is possible, enabling modern developers to continue their quick pace of innovation in a secure manner.

Application Security

Adi Sharabani, CTO at Snyk
“Snyk Cloud is the first developer security product designed for the cloud era in order to address every important stage of a modern app’s life today from development through to production,” said Adi Sharabani, CTO at Snyk.

The Snyk Cloud solution would give developers globally the option to fully take control of their infrastructure rather than scrambling to patch together various, incompatible cloud and application security solutions, eventually resulting to a fragmented vision of application security in the cloud. Additionally, across the full software development lifecycle (SDLC), their security counterparts may create and manage a consistent cloud security posture.

With the addition of Snyk Cloud, Snyk customers will now be able to take advantage of a unified platform and policy engine that empowers them to create secure deployments via an “unmatched” feedback loop – from code to cloud and back to code. It would enable them to secure their cloud before deployment, maintain its secure integrity while it is running, and then evaluate and prioritize the precise places to provide fixes back in the code.

Snyk’s developer-first approach disrupted the application security industry and we’re now aiming to apply many of those lessons learned to the fastest growing segment of cybersecurity today: cloud security,” said Peter McKay, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Snyk. “Predicted to be worth $77.5 billion by 2026, this is an area ripe for change. Today’s news represents another important milestone for the developer security movement, and we look forward to the industry’s response to our vision of uniting AppSec and CloudSec teams to secure today’s apps more efficiently.”