Snyk Security Intelligence Integrates into New AWS Amazon Inspector

Snyk, a global provider of developer security solutions, is partnering with AWS to offer organizations precise, practical, and all-inclusive application security intelligence in Amazon Inspector. Through this collaboration, the company has managed to achieve AWS Security Competency Status.

According to Snyk, this association enables the developer and security teams to access reliable data and actionable insights. It would also make them better equipped to build advanced and secure software.

Amazon Inspector – An Automated Security Assessment Service

Amazon Inspector identifies all Amazon EC2 instances and container images in the Amazon ECR. It would detect the software vulnerabilities and workload misconfigurations of applications deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) accurately. This automated security assessment service takes the security and compliance of the applications to the next level and helps customers automate remediation workflows efficiently.

Snyk – A Security Platform Developer

Snyk platform allows clients to integrate it into automation pipelines, workflows, and development tools to discover, prioritize, and fix security vulnerabilities in containers, dependencies, and code. This platform would enhance the security expertise of developers perfectly.

What to Expect with this Integration?

Snyk Security Intelligence works as the most reliable vulnerability intelligence source for the new Amazon Inspector. It lets the security teams and developers enhance the precision of transient dependency vulnerabilities. With better inspector findings, prioritized management of security issues, Snyk would take cybersecurity to the next level.

Users can access the Snyk vulnerability page easily from the Amazon Inspector user interface to learn more about the software vulnerabilities. With the help of a Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) feature and am assigned vector, Snyk Security Intelligence would discover the most vulnerable functions and prominent exploit maturity.

Vital Customer Benefits

  • Customers can use the easily-accessible Snyk Security Intelligence to manage Amazon EC2 and container vulnerability issues more efficiently
  • The faultless and systematic quality control features of Snyk help customers optimize remediation efforts
  • Lowering the meantime and resolving MTTR vulnerabilities would become hassle-free with Snyk’s useful, hand-curated, practical data
Photo Michael Fuller, Director, Product Management, AWS Security Services at AWS
“By bringing Snyk’s vulnerability insights into the new Amazon Inspector, we’re enabling security teams to leverage truly comprehensive, contextual vulnerability information that helps prioritize the most severe vulnerabilities first,” said Michael Fuller, Director, Product Management, AWS Security Services at AWS.

According to Carey Stanton, Vice President, Global Business and Corporate Development at Snyk, Snyk is dedicated to offering the best assistance to more and more international organizations in improving their digital transformation efforts and embracing innovation with optimal safety. The partnership with the new Amazon Inspector equips development teams with the most advanced tools for secure software development.

Michael Fuller, Director, Product Management, at AWS, says that developers can leverage the excellent advantages of cloud-native development to create more refined products with improved efficiency. According to him, integration of Snyk’s vulnerability insights into the new Amazon Inspector helps security teams access the all-inclusive, contextual vulnerability information fast. Further, it makes them better equipped to prioritize the critical vulnerabilities accurately. Finally, it enhances the quality of the software development on AWS.

Apart from Amazon Inspector integration, Snyk has managed to attain AWS Security Competency Status. This recognition is awarded only after performing intense technical and commercial validation processes. It is a commendable achievement by Snyk, which gives AWS customers more confidence and assurance in selecting partner solutions for their cloud environment.